I’m a 22-year old student, currently doing my Bachelor in Computer Science & Multimedia, at the University of Technology in Vienna, Austria. I’ve just finished writing my 1st of two bachelor thesis based on the subject of „Usage of Free and Open Source Software in Schools“. I’m in the midst of translating it into english (I first wrote it in german, since it’s my mother tongue and I felt more confident writing it in german) – I’ll post it as soon as I finished translating it.

My whole world is and has always been surrounded by computers, since the early age of 5 I started using the family computer, an Amiga, in 1990. It was actually my older brother who aroused my interest in web design at a very early stage.

Over a year ago I eventually dove into the world of Linux by installing Kubuntu 6.06 Dapper Drake, since then I completely moved over to Kubuntu Linux – only leaving windows for Image Manipulation.

Besides computers, I’m mainly interested in Photography – my best snapshots can be viewed on my flickr page. Last summer I got myself a digital SLR camera, an Olympus E-500.

Music has always played a big role in my entire life, starting at the early stages of elementary school when my brothers introduced me to Nirvana, The Offspring and Aerosmith. Years ago I’ve eventually defined my own music taste, quite often referred by my friends as ‚unique‘, hence I got the reputation as a ‚rock princess‘. 😉

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