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  1. Heey!

    First of all, thanks for making this tutorial. Second of all, I can’t seem to make it work. The original name disappears and the frames looks as though they would fit the image, but it doesn’t show. It’s just white on white. I tried saving it in .gif, but it doesn’t seem to work. I made this logo myself, the old DIY way so it’d be a waste not to have it on. Have a look on the above url. If you could help me out with this, it would be much appreciated!!

    Thanks, Kasper

  2. Great tutorial, worked really well up until I actually put the logo on. It was right over to the left of the page and no matter what I tried I could never get it into the right place like the „Season“ one you did. Also when i got it vaguely close to the right position the page widened and you had to scroll to get to music player and right hand column. Could you help??


  3. Thank you sooo much. Worked perfectly after a bit of tweaking, got my page looking really good!! Thnx,


  4. Hi. I have the same problem as Kasper. There’s a blank space that looks like it could fit the image but it doesn’t appear. Could you help me please? Thanks

  5. Ignore my coment! I stupidly forgot to put the brackts round my url! Thanks for the tutorial.

  6. works like a charm.
    thank you and may you have healthy children and a long meaningful life.

  7. Rob B

  8. I too am experiencing the same problem, as in there is a blank white space. However, I do have brackets so I’m not sure what the problem is. I’d truly appreciate any help. Thanks so much.


  9. Great Tutorial! However, I think I’m having the same problem as Nick did. I got the logo up, but it doesn’t seem to be centered the way I want to and its over to the left. Can you help?


  10. We are looking for like a more scremo logo and we need one bad


  12. how can you create like a banner really at the beginning of the page like just underneath home etc?

  13. I have the logo in jpeg and animated
    i want to put it on myspace page so what i must do ?i also use use photobucket.com
    could you tell step by step what to do.
    Thank you in advance.


  14. Hello and thanks for the tutorial,
    still I expect the same problem some others had
    – the boxes adopt the form, but the logo is not shown. Can you help out on that? Thanx a lot, yock

  15. logo

  16. Hi,
    That’s wonderful, Thanks for sharing.

  17. the width and height values of my logo are „width: 1021px“ and „height: 242px“, but it doesn’t work in my myspace, doesn’t show up.. why?

    display: block; width: 1021; height: 242;
    background: url(……png) no-repeat; text-indent: -9999px; margin-bottom:-5px;

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