Dolphin permission problems….

November 13, 2007

Dolphin, the new KDE file manager (entirely replaced Konqueror, which now serves as a web browser only) still has some teething problems. The main problem I was facing was, whenever I closed Dolphin I got this annoying error message:

Dolphin Error Message

After some googleing, I’ve eventually found the solution to my Dolphin problem

sudo chown -R theresa:theresa /home/theresa/.kde (replace theresa with your username)

That did it for me, next time I opened Dolphin, I had no such error message again. God Bless! 😉

5 Kommentare

  1. Wow! Glad I found this. Lifesaver!

  2. I’m pretty sure that file management is still available for Konqueror. I sure hope so, cause Dolphin is about twice as pretty as Konqueror, but half as functional.

  3. mm. nice..

  4. по моему мнению: бесподобно…

  5. Lawl, -R, I use LYNX for text only and Midori for non-flash and firefox for flash, although it’s called something else since it’s non logoed.

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