the pivot effect with tft screens using ubuntu

November 11, 2007

Ever wanted to rotate your computer screen because a word document didn’t fit on a page? That’s now possible, if you’re the owner of a TFT screen with pivot function. It comes in quite handy if you’re reading an E-Book with a rather high resolution (e.g 120%). You won’t have to scroll to the end of the page, until the next page starts.

The best way to use the pivot function, provided that you have a Nvidia graphic card, is to install the restricted nvidia driver on ubuntu (this works smoothly on Ubuntu Feisty (6.04) and Ubuntu Gutsy (6.10)) – if you’re still using edgy you have to find the right driver for your kernel version.

After installing the restricted driver you have to open the xorg.conf file (located in /etc/X11/) – but heads up, ALWAYS backup your xorg.conf before you start editing….if you’re using an editor like Kate, then you’re on the safe side, because Kate automatically generates a backup file.

There’s a section called „screen“ – you have to add the following line:

Option „RandRRotation“ „yes“

Here’s an example, what my xorg.conf file looks like:

Section „Screen“
Identifier „Default Screen“
Device „nVidia Corporation C51PV [GeForce 6150]“
Monitor „Standardbildschirm“
Option „RandRRotation“ „yes“
Defaultdepth 24

After editing your xorg.conf file, save it and then restart the X-server by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Backspace

If you don’t have any major problems after restarting the X-server, then you can either open a terminal and use the following commands to rotate your screen

# to rotate the screen to the left:
xrandr -o left

# to rotate the screen to the default orientation:
xrandr -o normal

# to rotate the screen to the right:
xrandr -o right

The 2nd way, if you’re using the KDE window manager, is to go into the system settings, selecting the Monitor and Display module, and then there’s a box on the left hand side, saying „Monitor Orientation“ – normal, left edge on top, right edge on top or upside down – check the following screenshot:

Monitor Orientation

You can select either of this options, don’t be skeptical if there’s a huge black bar on your screen – you probably just need to restart the X-server again (ctrl+alt+backspace) and then you’re set.

Enjoy your new pivot screen now!

5 Kommentare

  1. >There’s a section called “screen” – you have to add the
    >following line:
    >Option “RandRotation” “yes”

    There’s an ‚R‘ missing in RandRotation, it should be RandRRotation


  2. So, when using an ATI-card this pivot solution won’t work? 😦

  3. Works perfectly, danke schön :]

  4. Thanks for your post.

    Rotation / pivot with NVIDIA gfx work very well on Ubuntu 10.10 „Maverick Meerkat“, though slightly modified:

    Ubuntu & NVIDIA: external monitor, rotation, …

    Grüße aus Nürnberg!

  5. Link didn’t work in my previous post. Here it is:

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