mobile phones part two….

August 27, 2007

another useful advice for all your mobile phone needs is how to backup your phone data (important contacts, txt/sms messages…)

this can easily be done by using KMobileTools and a USB cable that came with your phone. KMobileTools has also bluetooth support in their most recent release, so if you fancy bluetooth more than usb, there’s also a way to connect your phone. The more reliable way is USB though, as I’m still using edgy.

The most recent release is 0.5.0-beta3, I’m using 0.5.0-beta1 because it seems some packages of beta3 are not yet supported with edgy. However beta1 doesn’t look bad either with its easy-on-the-eye interface 😉

My phone is quickly connected and recognized by the computer. go to the Device Manager and add your phone there. It lets you pick various connection modes (USB, Bluetooth, Infrared, and Serial Cable…). Pick what suits your best, configure it and then you’re all set.

KMobileTools Device Manager

KMobileTools is distinctive and very easy to use. You shouldn’t have a problem navigating around and backing up all your data! 😉

Good Luck!


official KMobileTools Website

KMobileTools at Berlios

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